Housing Ireland Conference 2024

Wednesday 6th March 2024  Croke Park, Dublin


15+ expert speakers

4 informative sessions

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Housing Ireland Conference

eolas Magazine is organising its ninth annual Housing Ireland conference, which will examine the key challenges facing Ireland’s housing policymakers and senior practitioners across the sector. The conference will take place on 20th March 2024 in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin.

Key issues

Key issues to be examined:

Replete with an expert panel of high-level speakers, both domestic and visiting, the conference will be comprehensive, examining themes which include:

01 Housing for All implementation and progress

02 Financing new housing supply

03 Addressing the housing demand and supply imbalance

04 Increasing the stock of permanent social and affordable housing

05 Addressing vacancy and efficient use of existing housing stock

06 Effective policies to support home ownership and affordability

07 Creating a largescale affordable purchase and cost rental sector in Ireland

08 Implementing greater protections for renters

09 Project Tosaigh: Accelerating the delivery of new, affordable homes

10 Eradicating homelessness

11 Housing First implementation 2022-2026

12 Maintenance and management of existing housing stock

13 Availability of land for the delivery of housing

14 Enabling a more sustainable housing system

15 Delivering the National Retrofit Plan

16 Procurement, design, and modern construction methods

17 The holistic role of AHBs in establishing sustainable and vibrant communities

18 The role of the LDA in developing cost rental housing

19 The role of local authorities in the planning and provision of affordable homes on public lands

20 Reducing the cost of construction amid inflationary pressures

21 Delivering appropriate infrastructure to support planned housing

22 Changes to planning and development in Ireland

23 The role of social housing sector in the European Platform on Combating Homelessness

24 A referendum on a constitutional right to housing in Ireland