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3rd July 2024
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MMC Homebuilding: A new approach to temporary housing for Ireland

Family POD: 4 person, 3 bed.

MMC Homebuilding is introducing its innovative approach to permanent-build but relocatable housing to the Irish temporary housing market. Committed to delivering affordable, sustainable, and high-quality housing through its portable optimised dwellings (PODs), these robust, relocatable, modular homes are designed to address the specific needs of diverse populations.

Innovative design and construction

MMC Homebuilding’s PODs are built with precision in their Gloucester-based factory and certified by BOPAS with 60+ years of durability, ensuring high-quality standards. These homes are designed to be relocatable and scalable, providing flexibility for various living situations. Reinforced OSB design and plasterboard for internal finishes ensure robust and long-lasting structures. These homes also come with natural waste cork renders, underfloor heating, triple-glazed windows, and PV solar panels, highlighting their commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Versatile and customisable living spaces

The PODs come in various configurations to cater to different needs. Each unit is designed with the user’s comfort in mind, featuring spacious living areas, full kitchens, and customisable aesthetics to suit personal preferences. The modular nature of these homes allows for easy expansion and adaptability, making them suitable for both temporary and long-term use with their BOPAS 60+ years of certified durability.

Addressing temporary accommodation needs in Ireland

The rising demand for temporary accommodation (TA) across Ireland highlights the critical need for innovative solutions. The number of people in emergency accommodation in Ireland has reached record highs; MMC Homebuilding’s PODs offer a viable solution to this crisis, addressing the urgent need for scalable, relocatable quality housing solutions.

Environmental responsibility

MMC Homebuilding strongly emphasises sustainability. To enhance environmental performance, their PODs are built using eco-friendly materials such as Low E recycled milk cartons and waste natural cork, which is carbon-negative. Integrating solar PV installations and triple-glazed windows ensures these homes achieve net zero annual energy costs, aligning with their vision of creating sustainable living solutions.

Living POD: 1 person, 1 bed.

Additional benefits

  • Durability and certification: Each POD is designed to last over 60 years and is BOPAS certified, ensuring quality and compliance.
  • Energy efficiency: Triple-glazed windows and solar PV installations help achieve zero net annual energy costs.
  • High social impact: Constructed by prisoners on day release and ex-prisoners, the PODs contribute to community development.
  • Modular flexibility: The design allows for easy extension and adaptability to meet various living situations.
  • Customisable aesthetics: Exterior cladding options allow residents to personalise their homes.

Strategic backing

MMC Homebuilding majority shareholder is a housing infrastructure fund managed by Gresham House, with over £8.3 billion of funds under management. This strategic backing provides MMC Homebuilding with robust financial support and reinforces its mission of delivering scalable housing solutions.


MMC Homebuilding’s PODs represent a significant advancement in temporary housing solutions. They combine innovative construction methods, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability with a commitment to quality, durability, flexibility, and community development.

The evolving housing market demands a rethinking of traditional economic models. MMC Homebuilding’s PODs offer high-quality housing and substantial socio-economic benefits. This comprehensive approach enables local authorities to deploy new solutions; MMC Homebuilding represents a forward-thinking shift towards more sustainable and equitable housing solutions.

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