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30th October 2023
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30th October 2023

The future is bright for Oaklee Housing

This year, after 22 years, Oaklee Housing ceased to be a member of the Choice Housing Group and is now an independent stand-alone Approved Housing Body (AHB) with an ambitious corporate strategy for 2023 to 2025 targeting growth and great services for their current and future tenants.

The independence that this separation affords is an exciting milestone and a potential game-changer for Oaklee Housing as it embraces this new and opportunistic position.

The annual AGM in September 2023 marked the end of one and the beginning of another financial year for Oaklee Housing. The successes of 2022 have ensured that, heading into a new financial year, it is in the strongest possible financial position. Securing a new borrowing facility with AIB Corporate Banking through the refinance of an existing portfolio of five Leinster-based scheme assets allows it to continue to invest in its homes to meet the required high standards of fire, health and safety, and property compliance into 2023.

The recently published annual report documents the significant operational focus on tenants and tenant engagement. Working alongside Supporting Communities, the team at Oaklee crafted its most targeted Tenant Engagement Strategy to date. With a life cycle of three years, this strategy sets out a multi-point action plan aimed at ensuring that the tenant voice is central to the continuous improvement of the services provided by Oaklee Housing.

Looking forward, preparing its team for the future has been a target for each of the departments to achieve through 2022 and into 2023 meaning that it is fully prepared for the increased delivery of homes and services into 2024 and beyond.

Increasing capacity while building skills in preparation for the first year as a stand-alone company, the organisation has an impressive team of over 50 talented professionals working together with a collective ambition centred around increased delivery of homes and the on-going provision of exceptional customer services for its tenants.

With a shift in priorities towards an own-build model of delivery, there is an impressive pipeline of projects for future years. This aligns with its priority for the next three years to deliver more homes and to make a significant contribution to increasing the supply of social and affordable housing.

The success of this plan relies on many factors: as well as being dependent on fostering strong relationships with stakeholders, it also relies on the strength of Oaklee Housing’s reputation as well as its ability to stand out and deliver.

Looking forward, its new three-year Corporate Strategy documents big and bold plans for success with a team primed and ready to deliver more homes, create sustainable communities and change lives, the future is bright for Oaklee Housing.

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