The Housing Agency and Housing for All: Perspectives on progress
18th July 2023
Housing for All exceeds annual target for new homes
18th July 2023

Departmental priorities for 2023

At the beginning of 2023, the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage released its high-level priorities, listed in the table below and divided into categories.

There has been reasonable progress made against these high-level priorities, although the phrasing in the document makes it unclear as to what the specific target for each objective is. For instance, one measure proposed by the Department was “consideration” of an eviction ban. Although the Government did indeed consider this proposal, the outcome of this consideration – which was to revoke it – is immaterial when measuring the progress of the high-level priorities for the Department.

In the topics outside of housing itself, it can be reasonably argued that the Department has exceeded its targets, with work underway regarding the constituencies and TDs in the next Dáil, and progress being made on legislation for a Limerick mayor, with another proposal to hold a referendum for an elected Dublin mayor now being put forward by the Department.