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18th July 2023
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18th July 2023

Not just bricks and mortar

2023 heralds a significant time in the history of North & East Housing Association as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.

The association was established in 1993 by a small group of volunteers and our growth since then has been built on a clear focus of providing quality homes for our tenants and fostering community development. We currently have over 750 homes in management and our future plans also include significant investment in improving our homes and energy efficiency as well as new projects aimed at meeting local housing needs.

The association operates primarily in the north-eastern corridor of the country and in the early years of its existence the association’s work was carried out by the volunteer board of directors with the first staff employed in 2004. However, the board quickly realised that to continue to grow, it would be necessary to move from a volunteer-run to a professional management team-run organisation. In 2014, the board appointed a chief executive and the appointment of a senior management team soon followed.

Initially, the organisation grew its stock through use of the Capital Loan and Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) and the Capital Assistance Scheme. (CAS). However, the landscape of social housing provision began to change increasing in pace in recent years. The board of North & East made a strategic decision to respond positively to these changes. We embraced the new Regulatory Code and new financing options.

Since its inception North & East has grown steadily and prudently, developing its portfolio of homes and managing and maintaining them to a high standard. North & East plans to fund future growth in new homes using the Government backed Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS) and Capital Advance Leasing Facility (CALF) supported by loans from the Housing Finance Agency (HFA) and other private sources. The association will also continue to participate in shared projects with other Housing Associations and service providers in the development of new housing.

North & East has always strived to put tenants at the heart of everything we do. Providing not only the infrastructure of housing in the form of ‘bricks and mortar,’ we are very much concerned with what makes a house a home.

All of our achievements were made possible by the vision of a succession of board members and the professionalism and dedication of our staff over the last 30 years We thank them all and in particular thank our tenants who have been the driving force behind all that we have achieved.

We have recently welcomed tenants to new homes in Clonshaugh, Dublin 17, Loreto Hall, Cavan and Ballylinan, County Laois and we remain grateful to our partners in the Housing Finance Agency (HFA), Dublin City Council, Cavan County Council, and Laois County Council and look forward to continuing to work with them in the years ahead.

Housing continues to be one of the most important challenges we face as a society and at North & East Housing Association we are committed to playing our part in meeting the challenge.

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